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Nina Simone in Liberia by Katherina Grace Thomas in Guernica

It was a language that Simone spoke fluently. She was forty-one when she first landed at Robertsfield International Airport, her twelve-year-old daughter Lisa in tow, their belongings—clothes, books, records—packed into the belly of a Pan Am jet. Six years had … Continue reading

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I bet the framers of the Federal and Puerto Rico constitutions had clear, original intents on the issue of Cofina vs. general obligation bonds

The dispute between COFINA bondholders and Puerto Rico’s general obligation bondholders took a new turn Wednesday, as the former parties asked the federal judge overseeing the commonwealth’s restructuring to let Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court determine once and for all whether … Continue reading

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Burkina Faso Travel Warning

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Burkina Faso, and recommends they avoid travel to the northern part of the Sahel region, and exercise caution in the rest of Burkina Faso, due to continuing … Continue reading

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New photos books for Burkina Faso libraries published in fastpencil

I am so proud of our team in Burkina Faso, especially Sanou Dounko, Guy Roland Hema and Alidou Boué, who have been creating photo books for printing and distribution to the Burkina Faso libraries.  Interns Beth Borowsky and Maria Haddad … Continue reading

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Trash talking by COFINA bond coalition, in Puerto Rico debt restructuring

The COFINA Seniors Coalition, which collectively holds approximately 32% of the senior bonds issued by the Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corporation (“COFINA”), provides the below comments concerning the implications of the decision to grant Bank of New York Mellon’s … Continue reading

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Sending books to Burkina Faso

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Five Chinese to be tried for illegal mining in Ghana

It emerged during the court proceedings that the A-G had filed an affidavit in opposition to the bail application.  It pleaded with the court not to grant bail because the activities of the five Chinese contravened the Minerals and Mining … Continue reading

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