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Key leader in the Burkina Faso tri-border area interviewed about… how to spend lots of money!

Great interview with Le Pays. L’Emir du Liptako est l’autorité coutumière suprême dans la province du Seno. Sa Majesté a bien voulu nous accorder une interview à travers laquelle il nous fait remonter dans l’histoire de l’Emirat du Liptako. Vu … Continue reading

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Who would have thought in other countries there is also demand for protectionism? Ghana’s footwear manufacturing industry

“We are no longer able to compete with the influx of imported and inferior products on the Ghanaian market, and this is a worry to all stakeholders,” he noted, adding that this called for prompt intervention on the part of … Continue reading

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Choices, choices: Radio campaign to reduce rural child mortality or public transport infrastructure for Ouagadougou

Two items of note popped up this week. First, an economic analysis of the cost-effectiveness of a mass radio campaign to encourage women’s use of health centers. Very cost effective, apparently. The direct program cost was $7,749,128 and it apparently … Continue reading

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Livres photos pour les bibliothèques, de International School of Ouagadougou (ISO)

Le 9 mai 2018 était la journée de célébration des projets à l’école américaine appelée International School of Ouagadougou (ISO).  A cette journée ou FAVL a été honoré car suite à l’invitation nous avons voir à l’école une vingtaine de … Continue reading

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Honey bees are essential for pollination karité trees in Burkina Faso

And unfortunately there is so little known by small farmers about successful bee-keeping in Burkina Faso! Low hanging fruit for development projects? Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) is an important fruit tree in West African parklands, and its successful pollination is a … Continue reading

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Think twice before ordering your poulet grillé in Ouagadougou

From a recent study in Food Science & Nutrition: E. coli strains were found to 27.45%. Forty samples (38.24%) were unacceptable based on the aerobic mesophilic bacteria (AMB) load. Fifty‐nine samples (57.85%) were contaminated with thermo‐tolerant coliforms (TTC)…. Diarrheagenic E. … Continue reading

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Photos from summer 2018 reading camps in #Burkina!

This gallery contains 13 photos.