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Blistering critique of MPP and President Roch Kaboré by opposition in #Burkina

Non content de réchauffer les projets de Blaise COMPAORE pour se les réattribuer, le Président KABORE se lance maintenant dans les inaugurations de morceaux de routes. Là où un Haut-commissaire ou un Gouverneur étaient suffisamment compétents pour inaugurer ces mini-infrastructures, … Continue reading

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Affordable housing at about $200,000 a unit in San Jose?

I wish reporters would give  better sense of the financing and ownership details of these affordable housing projects. For example, from SJ Spotlight, an excellent new online newspaper serving the South Bay: The two proposals on the agenda are located … Continue reading

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The dustup between Paul Paul Kéré and Rémi Dandjinou over the Burkinabè army’s preparedness

Totally relevant for those who call for former President Compaoré’s return to “help” deal with the insurgency. From the comments section: Cher Maître,Vous n’allez pas vous faire oublier un peu?Qu’est ce que le ministre a dit qui ne soit pas … Continue reading

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Great reporting by Abdel Aziz Nabaloum about lack of public services in village of Koumna in Loroum #Burkina #lwili

Situé dans la commune de Ouindigui dans la province du Lorum, Koumna est un village enclavé. Cerné dans ses limites géographiques par les eaux, cette localité connaît un problème d’accès aux infrastructures sociales de base, à l’eau et à l’assainissement. … Continue reading

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Looking forward to reading some new Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

If you saw my comments in Mookse on the story by Joyce Carol Oates, then you can easily tell why I happened to google Bynum during a break. Chinese American writer Sarah Shun-lien Bynum is causing waves across the Atlantic … Continue reading

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Adam and Allison Grant rewrite children’s books and much fiction: “Noble deed doers, you should first lecture the victims and help them help themselves more otherwise you are an enabler…”

OK I’m making fun a little, but their essay on The Giving Tree just rubs me the wrong way. Instead of marveling at the moral ambiguity of the book, the impulse is to “fix” it by explaining to you child … Continue reading

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Great article in The New York Times about rural America and public services

I watched the fight unfold with a sense of sadness, anger and frustration. I started arguing. It didn’t work. The pay request was pulled from the Quorum Court’s agenda.I didn’t realize it at first, but the fight over the library … Continue reading

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