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Sending books to Burkina Faso

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Five Chinese to be for illegal mining in Ghana

It emerged during the court proceedings that the A-G had filed an affidavit in opposition to the bail application.  It pleaded with the court not to grant bail because the activities of the five Chinese contravened the Minerals and Mining … Continue reading

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Harsh but a little strange, the words of Zéphirin Diabré leader of opposition in Burkina Faso

Good reporting by Burkina24. Et même si, dit-il, ils ne sont « pas d’accord sur tout », parce qu’ils ne sont « même pas obligés d’être d’accord sur tout », le CFOP affirme qu’il le sont sur un point. « … Continue reading

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Retaliatory tariffs on Canadian lumber?  Even Cato Institute thought it was a bad idea

Protectionist trade barriers in the softwood lumber industry impose great costs on businesses and consumers here in the United States in order to enrich a few lumber producers. To put employment figures in perspective, it is noteworthy that workers in … Continue reading

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Nice reporting from 2016 on koglweogo, the informal militias popping up in Burkina Faso

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Leading a non-profit that supports village libraries is a lot of work!

I like to share parts of my life with you, readers, but mostly I write to share stuff with my future self.  As you may know, I started back in 2001 and continue to direct a small non-profit Friends of … Continue reading

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Growing incidents and threats of jihadist violence in northern Burkina Faso

FAVL-supported  libraries in several provinces in northern Burkina Faso have had to close as the security situation has deteriorated. À cet effet, dans les provinces martyres de Soum et de l’Oudalan, la mesure semble quelque peu radicale : « La … Continue reading

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