Recent reading: Two good graphic novels and The Vegetarian by Han Kang

Elliot for Christmas got Kill My Mother by Jules Feiffer, an interesting noir homage graphic novel, set in the 1940s Hollywood and Pacific Theater.  If you are my age and a certain  income class you probably read a lot of Feiffer cartoons and comics during your childhood.


Another Christmas present was Patience, by Daniel Clowes, who apparently lives just up the road in Oakland.  A good read; science fiction, time travel, melancholia, wasted lives, and that one chance.

Han Kang’s The Vegetarian is a strange tale out of South Korea.  Not well-crafted enough to be high literature, at least not in the English translation, it is still an interesting novel.  It is short, so you lose little by giving it a try.  Has little to do with being a vegetarian, and everything to do with maintaining a coherent identity as a person over time, once the absurdity of our consciousness of consciousness starts to infect your brain.

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