Light television viewing if you stream Netflix

I enjoyed The OA immensely, even if at times the show is unsatisfying.  It is like Netflix had carefully analyzed my viewing profile and said, “Let’s make a series that mixes Lost, Arrival, Lars von Trier, I see dead people, Maureen McHugh, etc.” All my favorite themes.  This genre (let’s call it melancholy fiction about our mysterious universe MFMU) always has a problem with endings, and The OA wisely chooses to not have an ending, and instead simply has the series drive away with someone shouting “Take me…!”

Midway through I made the mistake of reading a bit about the two writers, and realized they had cast themselves in the series, and suddenly the acting seemed more like “look at me” and less professional.  I think writer-directors should stay away from casting themselves in the lead roles.

A little bit more editing would have been good, at times a little repetitious. And the show never explains why the OA repeatedly switches demeanor from dysfunctional (when interacting with people) to highly functional (in her “group” of five).

Leslie and I both enjoyed Mozart in the Jungle.  With Gael Garcia Bernal, it is an over-the-top classical music romp of a soap opera.  It really helped that I have started to learn piano and have learned to read music (at beginner level, naturally)… but I find my music appreciation has really changed.

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