Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be fraternity brothers…

Full story in NYT. And for what?  So he could do the same to other pledges in future years?

A night that began with laughs and elaborate handshakes quickly devolved into dangerous drunkenness. The pledges were forced to participate in multiple stations of drinking, which included quickly downing vodka and beer, drinking from a wine bag and playing beer pong. As the hours wore on, Mr. Piazza stumbled around the house, falling and rolling in and out of the fetal position. Photographs of his body showed cuts and bruises on his chest, back, arms and legs, some of which were captured on the video. The coroner’s report said Mr. Piazza would have experienced “severe and unremitting pain” from his injuries, which included a fracture at the base of his skull and a ruptured spleen. At one point, a fraternity brother came into the living room and took a cellphone image of Mr. Piazza, which, according to the detective’s testimony, he would post to Snapchat. The student left. After being out of view of the surveillance cameras for a while, Mr. Piazza re-emerged later in the morning, carried by multiple fraternity brothers, shirtless but wearing a black coat, his extremities straight and stiff.

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