The AfLIA Leadership Academy – Call for Applications

AfLIA is collaborating with the Public Library Association of the USA (PLA) to establish the AfLIA Leadership Academy aimed at: Building the knowledge, skills and confidence of library leaders to act in innovative and creative ways in meeting community needs Supporting library leaders to foster partnerships between libraries and government agencies, the private sector, NGOs, civil society, and faith-based organizations to work together to improve the lives of community members; and Strengthening library leaders’ skills and assisting them to renew approaches to library services, tangibly improving the value libraries bring to communities.AfLIA therefore invites applications from librarians working in public and national libraries to participate in the AfLIA Leadership Academy due to start in January 2018 and will last for eight months. It aims at supporting middle managers in African public and national libraries to be true leaders in their communities. Participants will, after participating in the Academy: Understand the nature and requirements of effective leadership including an introspect into one’s leadership style; Gain a deep understanding of how to manage change and how to effectively carry out civic engagement; Apply the concept of Asset Based Community Development using the assets within their communities to bring about positive change; Understand the opportunities offered and challenges posed by partnering with both library and non-library organisations, and Form a network of engaged and transforming library leaders ready to lead in taking their national, African and Global Development agendas forward.

Source: African Library & Information Associations & Institutions

About mkevane

Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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