‘The Violin Player’ review from Hollywood Reporter

On Netflix.  Interesting.  I think OK to fast-forward through the beginning, which indeed is very slow.

On his way home, the unexpected happens. At the train station, on the other side of the tracks, a distinguished looking man in glasses (a coolly aloof Adil Hussain) keeps staring at him and his violin case. Surprised and embarrassed, the violinist can’t avoid his steely gaze. This goes on for quite a while, far longer than necessary in fact, until finally the man comes over and makes a proposal he can’t refuse. The stranger claims that only live music will do, and the pay is suspiciously good.From this point on, the story becomes riveting, if no less mysterious. The violinist follows the stranger through the back alleys of the city and up the stairs of a sprawling, completely deserted building shot like a haunted house. Mukherji recounts what follows next with sure-footed artistry, while his hero plays up an emotional storm composed by Bhaskar Dutta and Arnab Chakraborty.

Source: ‘The Violin Player’: Mumbai Review | Hollywood Reporter

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