Listening to LCD Soundsystem’s new song, “American dream” and reading Garth Greenwell’s “An Evening Out” in The New Yorker

Let’s just say that in my opinion they are a perfect pairing.  If you like your New York global-cosmo gay scene nostalgic, melancholy, aging, incredibly perceptive, excellent writing and music…  It is the 2017 version of the 1970s Manuel Puig (Kiss of the Spider Woman) – Joan Baez (The Altar Boy and the Thief) pairing maybe?  Not a great discussion of Greenwell’s story over at Mookse, but I have to admit while I enjoyed listening to the author read the first half on the podcast (and then reading the ending in print later) I probably won’t read to much more by him. I can’t bring myself really to deliberately choose these rather banal stories of Americans struggling with meaning in fairly ordinary lives.  No matter how insightful and craft-filled.

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