Recent reading…

La Tabla Esmeralda, by Carla Montero. I wanted to read a big fat novel in Spanish, and this one certainly did the trick.  A rehash of Possession.

Vie et ensignement de Tierno Bokar, by Amadou Hampate Ba. Tremendously interesting short biography of Ba’s teacher. Great insight into how conflict can arise over whether there should be eleven or twelve beads in bracelets for counting prayers…

Alfred Diban: Premier chrétien de Haute-Volta, by Joseph Ki-Zerbo. Gripping account of his enslavement around 1895 and subsequent attempts to escape.

What Hetty Did, by J.L. Carr. Wonderful writing, but the plots sags at various points. Carr capturing a way of speaking, a way of being. Hard not to appreciate his love for the character.

Revelation Space, by Alistair Reynolds. Wanted to read a sprawling space opera but found this quite disappointing. I guess I wanted to read a really good sprawling space opera.

Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks. Another space opera that was disappointing. Both of these may as well have been written by Heinlein in 1965.


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