Housing bill SB 287 defeated in committee in California

SB 287 defeated in committee, so that is it for 2018. I was very nervous about this bill. I think a lot of the optimistic analyses did not consider the many potential unforeseen consequences, especially the distributional consequences. I lived first-hand in Puerto Rico through a major transformation of housing as gated communities were allowed.  The landscape was transformed, and probably not for the better. It is not hard to think how they eventually become protection rackets, or how the interstices of gated communities become very big losers.

But was also looking forward to a state-wide debate about what would be a good way to enable housing construction to happen more quickly.

Summary article from NY Times:

A housing proposal that is dividing neighborhoods and political leaders — state legislation that would override local zoning laws to build dense housing projects near transit lines — has become a top issue in the race for governor. The bill, sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener, was defeated Tuesday by a Senate committee, but Mr. Wiener vows he will bring it back. Two Democratic candidates for governor, Antonio Villaraigosa and Gavin Newsom, have said they won’t sign it.

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