Looks like Claire Denis finally made a film worthy of her talent: ‘Let the Sunshine In’ with Juliette Binoche

I still think Chocolat (not the one with Juliette Binoche) is her best film though it is quite flawed. That seems to be a recurring theme with Denis, amazing parts of films, mixed in with occasional cringy scenes or acting.  But this sounds better. From A.O. Scott comes this review:

Ms. Denis, consistently the most interesting French filmmaker of the 21st century (see “Beau Travail,” “White Material” and “35 Shots of Rum,” among others), focuses her attention on a subject that could easily have been rendered sad, sensational or sentimental. The sexuality of middle-aged women, when it comes up at all in Hollywood, tends to be treated with either pity or condescending encouragement.As played by Juliette Binoche, Isabelle is defiantly immune to both of those, and even, at times, to the audience’s sympathy. Ms. Binoche, effortlessly charismatic and ruthlessly unvain, has no investment in the character’s likability. She and Ms. Denis could not care less what you think of her. “Let the Sunshine In” commits itself to taking Isabelle on her own terms. The challenge, for her and for the audience, is to figure out what those terms are.


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