Who would have thought in other countries there is also demand for protectionism? Ghana’s footwear manufacturing industry

“We are no longer able to compete with the influx of imported and inferior products on the Ghanaian market, and this is a worry to all stakeholders,” he noted, adding that this called for prompt intervention on the part of government to save the situation. The Association, amongst others, is advocating the promulgation of comprehensive policies and regulations to revamp the industry.They are proposing the setting up of a local footwear enclave with state-of-the-art facilities, creation of ready market for local products and certification of manufacturers in order to streamline their activities.Additionally, the footwear makers are asking the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), to partner the National Board for Small Industries (NBSSI) and related agencies to roll out comprehensive training regime to build the capacity of footwear manufacturers for efficient work.Mr Kuffour said “if possible, the government should also issue a fiat to ban temporarily the importation of foreign footwear products for the benefit of the local industry.

Source: Ghana’s footwear manufacturing industry collapsing – Association | Business News 2018-07-28

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