Recent reading: Beard, Twain, and Pinsker

Sarah Pinsker, Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea. Short stories set in the future. Billed as sci-fi, but these did not appeal to me as much as I had hoped. Nicely done, small moments of human insight. When I read sci-fi though I usually want more of a sense of wonder.

Mary Beard, SPQR. Fun reading this over last few weeks, a long history of the Roman Republic. I knew very little about that history. I wonder whether it will stick. But so interesting the institution of the two elected consuls. And how little historians actually know.

Mark Twain, Roughing It. Amazing to think this was an incredibly literate person, with keen insight, traveling for months in the western territories, only about 150 years ago. Not something you read straight through. I pick it up and read a dozen pages at a time.  The opposite of sci-fi, I guess. He relishes the tall tales, Twain does.

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