Three movies on Air France: Sibel, Yoomeddine, and EXT. Night.

I like flying on Air France because i get to see a lot of the Cannes film entries, and a huge selection of global movies. This recent trip three quite decent movies are worth watching if you have access.

Sibel is from Çagla Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti, and inevitably can be compared to Mustangs (about daughters growing up in village Turkey). The cinematography is gorgeous, the plot interesting. This review from Variety is spot-on. Not a perfect film, and some glaring issues, but still very interesting to watch.

Variety says about Yomeddine: “A lovingly-made, character-driven road movie that occasionally dips into sentimentality yet has moments that honestly play on the heartstrings.” And if you have ever traveled in Egypt, even better. This is a movie to watch with your intelligent, inquisitive 10 year-old. They will remember it for life if you take the time.

Another Egyptian movie, Egyptian Ahmad Abdalla’s picture, EXT. Night, was fascinating. Again, some plot issues, but really goes on a nice tour of night-time Cairo.


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