Flux, by Jinwoo Chong

A very messy, moody “mind-bendy” intersecting story. Maybe modeled on Michael Cunningham’s styles and themes? I slogged (sorry) through to almost the end and then just skimmed. I suppose there is an audience for this, but it was not me. I enjoyed the idea of the B-grade TV show Raider being a touchstone for a person, in terms of first exposure and referent for certain emotions. We were just watching Pitch Perfect last night and the writers clunkily have Kendrick watching The Breakfast Club with tears in her eyes. So a reasonable device. But the noirish “I don’t know how I got here and cannot remember yet something is wrong with reality” approach repeated over and over for a couple hundred pages got tiresome for me. The Lev character was poorly sketched, in my opinion. If he is going to be so central, he had to be more compelling. Many other characters, (Min, Jem) also seemed to merely serve as foils to construct the plot.

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