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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

Why Steve Bannon is an incoherent blowhard who The New Yorker should disinvite

I’m in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,doing good things hopefully, talking with interesting people, learning about how our programs to support village libraries are going, and this Steve Bannon-The New Yorker thing comes up and I’m sooooooo disappointed. And pissed. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Never forget this is how people died: Mrs. Fanny Longfellow in 1861

From the New York Times July 12, 1861 A sad accident,which proved fatal yesterday forenoon, befel Mrs. FANNY LONGFELLOW, wife of Prof. HENRY W. LONGFELLOW, at their residence in Cambridge, on Tuesday afternoon. While seated at her library table, making … Continue reading

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Sad television on situation in Arua, Uganda

No charges, tortured and beaten, and possibly disappeared. Justice in its most elementary form. Listen the the lawyers at about 22:00.

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Key leader in the Burkina Faso tri-border area interviewed about… how to spend lots of money!

Great interview with Le Pays. L’Emir du Liptako est l’autorité coutumière suprême dans la province du Seno. Sa Majesté a bien voulu nous accorder une interview à travers laquelle il nous fait remonter dans l’histoire de l’Emirat du Liptako. Vu … Continue reading

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Who would have thought in other countries there is also demand for protectionism? Ghana’s footwear manufacturing industry

“We are no longer able to compete with the influx of imported and inferior products on the Ghanaian market, and this is a worry to all stakeholders,” he noted, adding that this called for prompt intervention on the part of … Continue reading

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Recent reading and viewing recommendations

The Hydrogen Sonata, a science fiction novel by Iain M. Banks, was a long but good read. Infused with Banks’ theme (in all the novels of his I have read so far) of loneliness and, well I have to say … Continue reading

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Great quote from Teju Cole, “Every Day is for the Thief” about markets!

“One goes to the market to participate in the world. As with all things that concern the world, being in the market requires caution. The market – the essence of the city – is always alive with possibility and danger. … Continue reading

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