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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.

Reading fiction because it is actually better than binge-watching

Yes!  From Ben Dolnick: And pleasure is, after all — once I scrape away the layers of self-image and pretentiousness — the reason that I read. When I’ve found the right book, and I’m reading it the right way, reading … Continue reading

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Super Furry Animals – Run! Christian, Run!

I’ve loved this song for years…

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Molly Sarlé – Human

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Recent stories in The New Yorker

I must say the past few months have, in my opinion, been generally excellent, with many stories that I think are extremely well crafted and profound (many deal with rape), and very little of the silly stuff (yes, I’m looking … Continue reading

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Aldous Harding covers “Right Down The Line” by Gerry Rafferty

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Budget transparency at private universities: Some thoughts about SCU

A few days ago, the Santa Clara University campus recreation unit sent an email to faculty and staff announcing that starting in the next academic year fees of $200 per year would be charged for use of the recreation facilities … Continue reading

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Why does SCU want to take the faculty unionization straight to the NLRB? Because they could reverse every unionization on every Jesuit and other “religious” university

From Philip Miscimarra, current Trump-appointed chair of the NLRB, in his dissent (when he was minority) in both the Duquesne and the Loyola University cases of 2017: Second, as explained in my separate opinion in Pacific Lutheran University, 361 NLRB … Continue reading

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