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I beg to differ on Cormac McCarthy’s The Road…

This entire analysis of what to “learn” from Google Ngram strickes me as deeply misguided…  making much out of change in incidence of words over time with no consideration for the self-selection of books published in what was an industry. … Continue reading

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Nice reflection on African literature

E.C Osondu’s Waiting, a short story published in Guernica, was awarded the 2009 Caine Prize for African Writing. The story is about young African refugees waiting to be adopted by white westerners. A Caine Prize judge complimented the story for … Continue reading

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Panorama des littératures francophones d’Afrique

Du Maghreb à l’Afrique du Sud et du Sénégal à Djibouti, de Léopold Sédar Senghor aux contemporains – Ahmadou Kourouma, Yasmina Khadra, Emmanuel Dongala et bien d’autres –, le Panorama des littératures francophones d’Afrique parcourt la littérature écrite en français … Continue reading

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Le Roi du Djadjo de Bali Nebie

Over the past week I read Le Roi du Djadjo by Bali Nebie.  I met Bali in February, when Jean-Pierre Jacob, the anthropologist, suggested we have a beer with him.  Jean-Pierre had found his book in the FAVL library we … Continue reading

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Stylish and sexy… that’s us!

Elliot, Leslie and I were just at Villa Kaya four days ago… Elliot in bathing suit having a sprite, Leslie and I very dusty… we didn’t feel…. no, we were, people kept glancing over at our table… I may even … Continue reading

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Respect? Mais pour qui?

Ancien président du Sénégal, maintenant secrétaire général de l’Organisation internationale de la francophonie, mais il semble ne pas avoir lu aucun roman africain depuis ses jours de collegien… Et Mabanckou?  Monénembo? Kourouma? Khadra? Achebe?  Oubliez-les… chez M. Diouf c’est toujours … Continue reading

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Laugh or cry?

I was reminded of what a colleague who had left a university after 23 years replied when I asked him if it was difficult to do. He said, “It was like checking out of a motel.” via Moving On – … Continue reading

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