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Excellent articles on Peulh (Fulani) mobilization in central Mali

These are in a book Biographies de la Radicalisation: Des messages cachés du changement social edited by Mirjam de Bruijn that just came out in 2018. (Gated on project Muse, here.) The first is by Modibo Galy Cissé and traces … Continue reading

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Good background on Katiba Macina, Fulani rebel group in central Mali

A nice summary by Manon Elissa Murray, nothing new but clearly written and organised, if the English grammar leaves a little bit to be desired.  The full text is here. The purpose of Katiba Macina was originally the restoration of … Continue reading

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Lake Chad area resource conflicts

Lake Chad gets talked about a lot in the environmental discussions of the Sahel.  I know little about the science. But a quick perusal of various articles by hydrologists suggests that human water management decisions (bad ones, naturally) have been … Continue reading

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