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Why Steve Bannon is an incoherent blowhard who The New Yorker should disinvite

I’m in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,doing good things hopefully, talking with interesting people, learning about how our programs to support village libraries are going, and this Steve Bannon-The New Yorker thing comes up and I’m sooooooo disappointed. And pissed. Why? Because … Continue reading

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You really should be watching live stream of Hawai’i lava flow for at least ten minutes

Gradually you get an idea that the plumes of molten lava shooting into the air are maybe the size of a ten story building. So much for us “ugly sacks of mostly water.”

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Understatement of the year of housing in California

You can debate how dramatically the character of a city would change by building a five-story apartment building next to a single family home. I don’t think the debate is a debate about an abstract notion of the “character of … Continue reading

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Housing bill SB 287 defeated in committee in California

SB 287 defeated in committee, so that is it for 2018. I was very nervous about this bill. I think a lot of the optimistic analyses did not consider the many potential unforeseen consequences, especially the distributional consequences. I lived … Continue reading

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Why did the South support the Federal income tax and the 16th amendment? because they understood the Progressive movement all too well

Robin Einhorn on tax redistribution to the South in the United States, “Look Away Dixieland: The South And The Federal Income Tax” in Northwestern University Law Review, 2014. Some facts (and Einhorn has great maps in the paper): Armed with … Continue reading

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Great article by Emily Oster and Geoffrey Kocks on vaccination in California

Great article by Emily Oster and Geoffrey Kocks on vaccination in California: Under-vaccination is a significant policy problem. As earlier generations knew, people die of measles, and of whooping cough, and of other diseases that vaccines can prevent. Figuring out … Continue reading

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U.S. military… random thoughts

A former student is thinking of going to law school to then become a JAG. He shared with me some thoughts on a book Saving Sandoval, by Craig Drummond. According to the blurb: Saving Sandoval is the true account of … Continue reading

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