From Sudan: I Almost Got Arrested For Wearing Pants | Blog #45

The rickshaw dropped us off by the office. Across the street, a large truck was parked, with two police officers standing beside it, talking to a young woman dressed not unlike myself; Jeans, white round-neck top, black cardigan. While one officer was “loading” a sit shai tea lady dressed in a tobe traditional garment Sudanese women wear onto the truck, the other was having a somewhat heated conversation with the young lady in jeans, pointing at her top, gesticulating that her pants were tight, that her top was too low-cut.I watched along with my friend, stunned, wondering why the sit shai was being arrested if the issue was attire. My friend turns to me, says, “I think you should go in the office”. I didn’t move

An excellent collection of postings from Sudan.  via I Almost Got Arrested For Wearing Pants | Blog #45.

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