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Points of comparison with Burkina Faso about transition if al-Bashir is ousted in Sudan

I have not followed Sudan politics in over a decade, but I do follow Burkina Faso pretty closely, and in October 2014 long-time president Blaise Compaoré was ousted by street protests. Basically, regime insiders had to choose when to run, … Continue reading

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South African Court Said to Block Sudan Leader’s Departure

Is it finally happening? A South African court issued an interim order on Sunday to prevent President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, the only head of state wanted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges, from leaving South Africa. … Continue reading

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Sudan and BNP Paribas

I have not been following this case at all, but this NY Times story, all about Iran, has this one sentence about Sudan: BNP was also doing business with Sudan at a time that the nation was operating a genocidal … Continue reading

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Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy

I am not sure why this is not being more widely reported in the United States. A pregnant Sudanese woman who married a Christian man was sentenced to death Thursday after she refused to recant her Christian faith, her lawyer … Continue reading

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Interview with Riek Machar just before all hell broke loose this past December

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Standing on a box, shouting that are willing to die… Sudan 2013

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Sudanese starting to read books again? Or New York Times reporter with human interest angle?

When Leslie and I were in Khartoum we bought and browsed extensively in the bookstores.  At that time mostly English stuff, but as Arabic improved occasionally we purchased simple Arabic texts.  On each successive visit, a bookstore would have closed.  … Continue reading

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