Albert Ouédraogo ex Minister of Human Rights and Promotion of Civicness

Last night at a small dinner to start planning for what will hopefully be a 75th anniversary celebration/conference on Dim Delobsom (he died July 13 1940) I met Albert Ouédraogo.  He’s a university professor who was president of the civil society NGO Tous pour le combat de la solidarité et de l’intégration (TOCSIN), which was supposed to sort of represent and advocate for cross-national issues of human rights (i.e. Burkinabè abroad, Burkinabè in Cote d’Ivoire, other nationals in Burkina).  He was selected to head the Ministry of Research and Higher Education in 2011, but the political crisis that lasted through most of 2011 apparently swept him under and he ended up transferred to lead the fledgling Ministry of Human Rights.  The ruling party in Burkina Faso definitely has a predilection for setting up new organizational structures… I wonder if that was in The Prince?  At Human Rights he only lasted a year.  Anyway, he was charming and open and quite interested in Delobsom.  Here’s a good long interview with him.

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