Sahel rainfall – just to temper the whole Sahel conflicts are climate conflicts thing that has restarted….


For example this NPR fairly glib reporting

The region of Africa known as the Sahel is a grassy band running coast to coast along the southern edge of the Sahara. It always has faced periods of drought, but now they’re coming faster and faster.

“Instead of 10 years apart, they became five years apart, and now only a couple years apart,” says Robert Piper, the United Nations regional humanitarian coordinator for the Sahel. “And that in turn is putting enormous stresses on what is already an incredibly fragile environment and a highly vulnerable population.”

Tell me, where do you see that “faster and faster” in the data? Rainfall was above the 30 year mean for the entire 2000s, practically.  To which they might respond, “you can’t prove it wasn’t due to climate change” to which I might respond, “you can’t prove it wasn’t due to Issa Bagayogo’s great music.”  And we both might pause to listen to a few Bagayogo songs.  Stalemate in the social science of climate change causality.

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