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BBC News – Mali: Tuareg rebels ‘defeat government army in Kidal’

What to make of this? Tuareg rebels in Mali say they have defeated government forces in heavy fighting for control of the key northern town of Kidal.  Several government soldiers were killed or captured, a rebel spokesman said. The government … Continue reading

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Sahel rainfall – just to temper the whole Sahel conflicts are climate conflicts thing that has restarted….

For example this NPR fairly glib reporting… The region of Africa known as the Sahel is a grassy band running coast to coast along the southern edge of the Sahara. It always has faced periods of drought, but now they’re … Continue reading

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IBK apparently starts off pretty badly…

Plus que le discours plutôt convenu du nouveau président malien, c’est la présence de l’ancien chef de l’Etat Moussa Traoré et les compliments à son égard d’IBK, que retient Le Républicain, autre quotidien bamakois. «L’ancien président Moussa Traoré, qui a … Continue reading

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Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta – Mali – teacher, development worker, NGO leader

Le nouveau président élu du Mali est né en 1945 à Koutiala, la capitale cotonnière du sud-est du pays. Il a étudié en France l’histoire et les relations internationales, puis a enseigné dans le supérieur. De retour au Mali, il … Continue reading

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David Kpelly, fantastic blogger….

Mais c’est la forme de la déclaration qui choque. Il est quand un peu aberrant de voir un ministre d’un grand, vaste et vieux pays comme le Mali qui depuis plus de cinquante ans maintenant crie sa souveraineté, aller s’arrêter … Continue reading

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Interesting urban property corruption scandal in Bamako involving Ivoiro-Lebanese businessman

Everyone always mentions how corrupt the ATT regime became in Bamako and that is what led to the disillusion and civic disengagement, and eventually the stunning “fuite” of a sitting president jumping over a wall running away from presidential palace … Continue reading

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Ethnic tension and warlord dynamics – settling accounts in northern Mali

Given the 20 year history of massacres and killings in the region, economic incentives to control power, huge escalation in weaponry over last year, and disarray in Malian army, it seems too much to think that suddenly there would be … Continue reading

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