Kaiser Permanente (my health care provider) apparently decides to make a move responding to ACA

If 3 million people signed up to Kaiser, who otherwise didn’t have insurance, we’d be a better country with happier people (having insurance and a doctor available is very reassuring… and not having your neighborhood host fundraisers for insurance-less musicians who have cancer is also a good thing)… of course, there might be lower profits for all those businesses that currently cater to that category of people, those without insurance.  I’m OK with that.

Our great Kaiser Permanente plans are available through Marketplaces. In fact, if you or friends qualify for financial help, you will need to buy coverage through your Marketplace. Kaiser Permanente members outside of Washington, D.C. who purchase individual plans can still buy from Kaiser Permanente directly. In D.C., all individual and small group plans must be purchased through the Marketplace. Call 1-800-245-3181 toll free and we can help you figure out which Kaiser Permanente plan may work best for you before you go to the Marketplace. This way your Kaiser Permanente selection can be made more quickly.

via Kaiser Permanente Partners In Health – You ask about health care reform, we answer.

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