Abortion decline: NPR fail, NY Times excellent reporting

On the car into work this morning, NPR has a longish news segment on the release of a report about the decline in abortion rate.  The NPR reporter gave no numbers for either the rate, the base number of abortions, not the magnitude of the decline.  Are they really sitting in a room and someone says, “Oh, everybody knows those numbers anyway!”  or “Nobody cares about the numbers!”  Anyway, the NY Times gives the numbers in the second paragraph of their story.  Thank you.

The 1.1 million abortions reported in 2011 represented a rate of 16.9 per thousand women of childbearing age, down from 2008, when a similar study estimated that 1.21 million abortions were performed at a rate of 19.4 per thousand women.

At Santa Clara University the president embarked on an effort to not have the university’s medical insurance cover abortions… sounds like his decision would directly affect about 7 people a year…. (assuming half of the 1000+ employees are women of childbearing age)…. via Abortions Declining in U.S., Study Finds – NYTimes.com.

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