Four days in Burkina Faso, the report so far

I arrived Sunday night after the IFLA conference in Lyon.  Monday morning started early with a run in the neighborhood, Zogona. Everything green.  Then long meeting with FAVL staff.  Transition of leadership team in Ouagadougou is going smoothly.  Went over to INSS to meet with my colleague Alain Sissao and talk about some of our research projects. Good dinner with one of the candidates for one of the openings we have here in Ouagadougou as coordinator.

Tuesday morning had a great meeting with Neda Sobhani of Catholic Relief Services, about our upcoming project partnering with CRS to establish 20 libraries in northern Burkina.  It is going to be great.  So excited to hear CRS ordered 3,000 copies of our FAVL produced book on Moringa, to distribute in every primary school in their program.  Worked all day with the team, and then in evening had an excellent visit with Rotary Savane, our partners in our Hounde Multimedia Center project.

Wednesday met in morning with another candidate for our Ouagadougou position.  Spent the morning preparing a talk for middle and high schoolers at International School of Ouagadougou.  They have been very supportive of FAVL’s work.  It was fun to see some of my daughter’s old classmates, and the students were so positive about the program.  After lunch had a good meeting with Lucile Bationo of Peace Corps, talking about collaboration possibilities especially with the library project.  Later in the afternoon met with our partner organization Yam Pugri, who are helping us with the EIFL-funded health literacy reading clubs… introducing smartphone technology as reading and communication platform in the libraries.  Was a trip to meet their “responsable” Sylvestre Ouedrogo and watch him clear a tabletop full of electronic equipment, to make room for our meeting.  Capped the evening off with dinner with our much-missed colleague Krystle Nanema who has taken a job at World Food Program.

Started Thursday morning with a long run with FAVL regional coordinator SANOU Dounko in Park Bangreogo.  Beautiful, green.  A group of old Burkinabe out for an early morning walk.  A huge colony of bats wheeling about overhead.  Today we hosted four librarians from northern Burkina for an all-day meeting/retreat.  Much talk of relationships with the mayors.  Very complicated I will write more later.  Had breakfast, started talking, continued until 2pm!   Now they are off to visit the “echangeur” and the Monument au Martires and the Village Artisanale… Tonight, Festival de Glace!

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like it is a great trip MIchael..getting a lot accomplished at least. All you are missing here is back to school week for SJSU which is loud! See you soon,

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