Another day in Ouagadougou

Started out early this morning with a 6k run in the Park Bangreogo, Ouagadougou’s urban park. I felt like the prosecutor character in the French detective procedural Spiral, because Dounko and I talked about FAVL the whole run.  Then Dounko and Donkoui and I had a two hour meeting to go over a whole bunch of issues for FAVL in Burkina.  Lots of interesting problems to resolve and debate.  We then drove down to meet the head of CENALAC, but he was not available, so we agreed to see each other again in the afternoon.  Donkoui and Dounko and I continued our meeting at Patisserie Koulouba.

Delicious potato and green bean soup made by Salimata.  Krystle stopped by for a “debrief” that was too brief!  She’s been an amazing person for FAVL-Burkina.  So happy though for her move up the NGO world to take a more challenging and rewarding position at World Food Programme.

Then a good interview with another candidate for our positions at FAVL for replacing Donkoui and Krystle.

The head of CENALAC (the government entity in charge of the network of 30 town libraries in Burkina Faso), Jean de Dieu Dabire, stopped by our office for a long talk.  We’re exploring ways that we can collaborate, especially on training workshops for mayors and other municipal workers so they can better manage village libraries and the salaries of librarians.

Then we headed downtown to Ave. Kwame Nkrumah where we met the mayor of Bereba Koura Manzalo.  We had an excellent talk about development issues confronting the village and region.

Finally ended the evening with a lovely informal dinner and drinks at home of old friends Pieter and Hilkka (a huge FAVL supported in Burkina).  Even got to see Bissap and Puppy…. and oh yeah Amarylis, Phoebe, Iska, Peter and the new Dutch school teacher.

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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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  1. David Greeley says:

    I would like to speak with you about the potential of setting up a library in northern Burkina, specifically Sebba, possibly in collaboration with the Friends of Bukina who has supported you in the past, and via a project my wife, son and I would like to initiate. Perhaps it would be good to chat with you while you are in Zburkina ( I am in the US, outside Wash DC)

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