Studying Ebola, Then Dying From It

For me, this was the relevant paragraph.  My friends in Burkina Faso are well aware of the implications.

Instead, the virus was allowed to escape the first village, and then to spread into four more countries. That missed opportunity has cost the lives of many people, including my good friends. Failure to contain the virus now will be cataclysmic. Based on World Health Organization numbers, more people became infected with the Ebola virus in August than in all the earlier months of this epidemic combined. The W.H.O. predicts that Ebola may afflict 20,000 people before the outbreak ends, but that is only if the world mounts a prompt and enormous response. If we fail, that number will become 40,000, then 80,000, with no end in sight. Meanwhile, the virus is evolving as it spreads from human to human, raising the risk of it becoming even more contagious.

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