What have I been reading…

Alexandra Williams, youth librarian in Alice Springs, Australia, recommended The Slap, by Christos Tsiolkas. Definitely for a mature young adult, it is an honest and searing portrait of Australian society… well, I am about halfway through. Told from multiple points of view… very interesting and technically challenging for the writer.

I have just finished a delightful children’s book, L’hollandaise sans peine by Marie-Aude Murail. Heard her name mentioned at IFLA-Lyons. What a cute book… a boy’s father takes him camping in Germany so that he will be language-immersed. But instead, the boy and his new friend make up their own language, and immerse themselves in it. The power of individuality and creativity!

Selected Writings of José Martí . Boy, if you want to feel inspired and depressed at the same time, there is nothing like Jose Martí .

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