Economics stand up comedy

By the time Bauman takes the stage, the packed house — looks like at least 200 people — are cheering and clapping for the world’s first stand-up economist. He grabs the mic and starts his set by admitting just how strange his profession is. When he told his dad that he wanted to use his Ph.D. in economics as the basis for a comedy career, his dad was unsure.”He didn’t think there would be enough demand.”On a Monday night, in the basement auditorium of a development bank, this is the kind of joke that kills. Bauman tries another.”I told him not to worry. I’m a supply-side economist. I just stand up and let the jokes trickle down.”I’m not so sure about these economics puns myself, but the crowd is eating it up

HT: Ken Durso!  via So A Global Economist Walks Into A Comedy Club … : Goats and Soda : NPR.

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