National Assembly in Burkina Faso votes to submit change to constitution to referendum

Correction- they voted to put consideration of the question on the agenda, apparently. Still not clear because no news stories have emerged of what exactly was decided today.

Apparently after not even a full day of consideration!  No hearings about legality (under present constitution there is supposed to be a Senate; under present constitutions not supposed to amend constitution in way that undermines republican character of state… gosh this reminds one of Rome under Caesar!) No hearings about death of constitutional court judge Salifou Nebie. No hearings about intimidation of journalists.  Just a shameful rubber stamp, rationalized inside their heads, I am sure, by a thinking that “These other guys, Zepherin, Roch, Salif… they’re the same as us… so it is all a big game… so why should we let them win when we can win…”  The problem is clear in history of other West African states, and is even expressed pithily in French: “Après moi, le déluge.”

A l’Assemblée nationale, l’ordre du jour de la session prenant en compte le projet de loi modifiant la constitution a été voté hier jeudi. Résultats : 99 voix pour CDP, ADF/RDA, CFR, UNDD et 28 contre ADJ , UPC.

via, l’actualité au Burkina Faso – L’information en temps réel du Burkina, Médias, journaux, infos, direct, les dernières nouvelles, politiques..

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