I liked “Please Look After Mom”… but now Shin Kyung-sook admits plagiarism

I read “Please Look After Mom” and had intended to blog a few words about it.  For me it was hard to know how the novel would read in Korean, but the English translation made it come across as quite good. A moody reminiscence, nostalgia and regret infused, all framed in the most basic of human stories of the 21st century, who shall and how do we look after our aging parents, and what should be the new norms of respect and duty that we observe.  Our parents raised us to be self-centered: we owe it to them to rise above that.  So kind of a let down, for her millions of Korean readers and some of her American ones, that she plagiarized part of a short story.

Breaking her silence on allegations that she partly plagiarized the Korean translation of a Japanese short story, renowned novelist Shin Kyung-sook admitted she plagiarized and apologized to her readers Tuesday.

The apology came a week after novelist Lee Eung-jun wrote in an article published on Huffington Post Korea that Shin’s “Legend,” a short story collection published in 1996, included plagiarisms of the Korean translation of “Patriotism” (1961) by the late Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

via Novelist Shin Kyung-sook admits plagiarism.

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