Leisure reading from 2016 that I forgot to write about

Golden Sun and Gold Rising by Pierce Brown.  Leslie picked these up at the library.  Brown has mastered the genre.  Excellent writing and especially dialogue.  Lots of intriguing ideas.  The whole thing has been carefully “lifted” from the best of other books in the genre.  And then, after several hundred pages, the dawn comes, and you realize, that this genre can get pretty boring.  Even a masterful effort remains bound by the constraints.  Calling Alan Moore, Alan Moore please come to table 9….

Kingkiller Chronicles.  My brother-in-law recommended The Name of the Wind many years ago, and I read it and enjoyed it.  When Elliot read it a few weeks ago, he of course learned there is a sequel (and the final installment of the trilogy is expected… 2020?) Patrick Rothfuss, the author, apparently is something of a fantasy superstar.  Anyway, I am not averse to a good fantasy novel even if it is 1000 pages.  The second book The Wise Man’s Fear was pretty good. Somewhat formulaic.  Fickle, prideful, fairies?  But enjoyable.  A short novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, was terrible.

Francis Hardinge. Cuckoo’s Song.  Well, I guess this quasi-horror story might appeal to some.  Not to me.  Also read The Lost Conspiracy.  Fairly juvenile fantasy.


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