Bill Sundstrom three years ahead of me on BIG

But there are virtues to being a late-comer. One does not have to write as much. From 2014:

Having acknowledged all these drawbacks of the BIG idea, I still can’t help thinking it deserves a bigger place in our political landscape. Politically, it represents a potential source of common ground between the liberal left and libertarianism. Is that enough to reconfigure our heavily polarized political space? By itself, no… but throw in immigration reform, personal and civil liberties, and anti-militarism, and who knows? Economically, I have read enough sci-fi and witnessed enough advances in computing and robotics to agree with those who are seriously concerned about a future in which capital, with its highly concentrated ownership, displaces much of the demand for labor. No, not technological unemployment… just technological immiseration. Making BIG part of the mainstream political agenda now is a way politically and institutionally to set the stage for decoupling income and private property. Friedman meets Marx… why not?

Source: Bill Sundstrom’s Blog: The BIG picture

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