Don’t watch the Sean Penn Hulu space show

Unless you really enjoy conventional, comfortable story telling. I have lot of sympathy for Sean Penn since he was visiting a relative on the same floor of hospital in LA where my mother was for a time. But I can’t say I ever liked him as an actor, and the chapo and macho shtick is lame. His new vehicle on Hulu….I am a sucker for space shows, but this was god awful. Tiresome and predictable plotting, writer’s room choices, and scenes: (“how about she runs a tattoo parlor!?”; “let’s copy that scene from Contact, maybe? Oh good idea I loved that scene!”; “let’s make the explosion be the same as the Challenger!”).  BTW, what male astronaut does not have a buzz cut?  Could they not have the central character be a Sunita Williams type, in 2018?

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