Fulani arrested in Ghana over Burkina Faso ties?

The National Security led a joint security operatives to raid the community Wednesday dawn and arrested the 20 herdsmen after conducting house to house search reportedly for weapons.They were all flown in a helicopter back to the national capital, Accra, and are still behind by the security.The incident has caused widespread panic and fear among the Fulani community residents and many men continue to move out, Starr News found.  Kasapa News spoke to the community leader, Afa Abukari who said those arrested were accused of committing serious crimes and already wanted suspects in neighbouring Burkina Faso, where armed militants linked to terrorist group, al- Qaeda, have been carrying sporadic attacks on public buildings and military installations.  He said soldiers and policemen came to the community with trucks, a helicopter and ordered them to stand outside and searched their rooms holding guns and weapon detectors.  The community leader confirmed that all the suspects, including the sheik, Siidi Dukere, arrived in the community two months ago and approached him to accommodate them. He explained that though he has no direct relationship with the Sheikh and had not met him, he accepted to accommodate his entourage because they his tribesmen.

Source: National Security picks up top sheikh over terrorism suspicions | General News 2018-12-02

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