Urban development in Cupertino and SB 35

The organization gained another significant victory last month when Chao won a City Council seat. A second candidate backed by Better Cupertino also appears to have secured a seat by a narrow margin, pending a recount. If the results hold, the two new members would turn the council into a 4-1 majority against the Sand Hill development.Better Cupertino wants the new council to do everything it can to stop the project from happening, including investigating claims of a former city attorney who alleges that he was dismissed from his job because he didn’t believe Sand Hill’s project qualified under state law.Meanwhile, Moulds says Sand Hill has withdrawn its support for the council-approved version of the project because of the referendum. He said Sand Hill is going ahead with the proposal allowed under state law, even though the council now has turned against it.

Source: New law could break the stalemate over housing on the site of a near-vacant Cupertino mall – Los Angeles Times

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