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How much is the Trump trade war helping African consumers of soybean?

According to the IITA, Africa imports about 1.5 million tons of soybean a year.  Let’s say that Trump’s trade war with China has been the reason that soybean prices have fallen from $10 a bushel to $7.50 a bushel over … Continue reading

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More on the TPP trade talks from WikiLeaks

Two of the more contentious areas in the IP area relate to copyright and pharmaceuticals.For example, current patent law allows drug companies a monopoly on drugs they have created for a defined period, meaning other companies are not allowed to … Continue reading

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TPP trade talks are making the news

Over the last year or two, critics of trade agreements have stepped up their attacks on the “secrecy” of trade negotiations. Discussing these agreements behind closed doors, or only with corporate advisers, they argue, undermines democracy and the rule of … Continue reading

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Investor rights and environmental rights in the OceanaGold case

An Australian-Canadian mining company, OceanaGold, is suing the Salvadoran government for refusing to grant it a gold-mining permit to its subsidiary, Pacific Rim. Manuel Pérez-Rocha, a researcher at the Institute for Policy Studies, explained the situation: “OceanaGold is demanding more … Continue reading

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