New photos books for Burkina Faso libraries published in fastpencil

I am so proud of our team in Burkina Faso, especially Sanou Dounko, Guy Roland Hema and Alidou Boué, who have been creating photo books for printing and distribution to the Burkina Faso libraries.  Interns Beth Borowsky and Maria Haddad have also been a big help, and also FAVL board members Deb Garvey and Helène LaFrance.  Ten new books have already been published, and another 10 are in various stages of editing and should be printed by the end of June.  You can buy copies, too, at  But even better, send us a donation for $100 so we can buy 15 more copies to send to the libraries!


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Economist at Santa Clara University and Director of Friends of African Village Libraries.
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