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Great summary of World Bank report on restrictions on women’s equality around the world

The Women, Business and the Law report is out, and here is a nice summary from PS magazine: A major barrier raised in the report is women’s right to work at night. Women are prevented from working the same night … Continue reading

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Measuring attitudes towards gender norms, pilot results from Save the Children

In Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire, data on gender attitudes have been used as a discussion point with community members who have volunteered to be Gender Champions – leading their communities in identifying gender disparities and developing their own strategies … Continue reading

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Oil discoveries did not change female labor force participation in southwest U.S.

Am teaching the paper by Michael Ross on oil, Islam and women.  Here is a nice paper by Stephan Maurer and Andrei Victor Potlogea that addresses the question with far better data and methods. Fueling the Gender Gap? Oil and … Continue reading

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For people who teach de Mel, McKenzie and Woodruff (returns to women micro-entrepreneurs =0!)… a possible important new complication

In a 2009 paper, David McKenzie and coauthors Chris Woodruff and Suresh de Mel find that giving cash grants to male entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka has a positive and significant return, while giving the same to women did not. David … Continue reading

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Gender in China in 2017

An Junxi’s father really wanted a son. “But I was born a girl, so my dad just thought, ‘Well, she’s young, so we’ll just dress her up like a boy,’” Ms. An said, straddling a lounge chair — full manspread … Continue reading

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Estimates of Missing Women in Twentieth Century China

The sex ratio at birth in China began to deviate from the normal range in the early 1980s, and has continued to rise during the past three decades. Though some optimistic research studies assert that the sex ratio at birth … Continue reading

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The Sex Ratio at Birth for 5,338,853 Deliveries in China from 2012 to 2015: A Facility-Based Study

Seems like exactly the kind of study needed to confirm that the sex ratio is and has been skewed, and the issue was not just an underreporting problem as argued by Shi and Kennedy. There were 2,785,513 boys and 2,549,269 … Continue reading

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