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Mali struggles to filter passengers from Ebola-hit Guinea

I had been wondering about how the border is being controlled.  Reuters gives us the info. HT: Penelope Hartnell At a Mali border post in Kouremale about 130 km 80 miles south of the capital Bamako, five health workers stand … Continue reading

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Attention FAVL friends and RWA students…

Salimata’s daughter Leigh has now won the official FAVL “cutest baby ever” contest…

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Traditional chiefs of Koudougou area get organized…

The brief article via Baromètre du doesn’t give much context. Les chefs traditionnels de Koudougou ont décidé de se mobiliser pour “Œuvrer pour le maintien de la paix, agir pour aider au développement de la ville de Koudougou, revaloriser … Continue reading

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Burkinabè photographer (to the President!) Warren Saré visits U.S. and my colleague David Pace

Le dynamique artiste-photographe, Warren Boureima Saré, est de retour au Burkina Faso après un séjour studieux aux Etats-Unis. Dans ses bagages, il est revenu avec de nouvelles connaissances photographiques et des projets pour ses pairs notamment les membres du Centre … Continue reading

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Great video of the Burkinabe in San Francisco region

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Les hiboux au regard gluant: à bas !

That is all… enough, really.  You know what I am talking about.

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100 million dollars – upcoming Obama trip to Africa

I always like to do the basic math.  We (FAVL) set up village libraries for about $15,000 and that covers about five years of operations until the office of the mayor can take over.  Let’s say there is no book … Continue reading

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Le Roi du Djadjo de Bali Nebie

Over the past week I read Le Roi du Djadjo by Bali Nebie.  I met Bali in February, when Jean-Pierre Jacob, the anthropologist, suggested we have a beer with him.  Jean-Pierre had found his book in the FAVL library we … Continue reading

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Elliot and Leslie help Peter van Dingenen in a village health clinic for kids

Dr. Peter is a great, very dedicated, public health social entrepreneur.  Doing all the good stuff.  Leslie and Elliot were very grateful to have the chance to help out in a really efficient and effective way.

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Not Africa… Burkina Faso, specifically Bobo-Dioulasso… you find the weirdest things on the web

Jacques Resch (1945 – ) is a French born artist who lives in Africa. He began painting as a child. At around three or four years of age, his mother entered his drawings in a contest where he won first … Continue reading

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What does the ideal school look like?

Secondary students perform at locations throughout the school for the primary students and parents.  International School of Ouagadougou.  Impressive!

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New favorite phrase: jirané nyimi

I may have the spelling wrong.  Three Dioula speakers I’ve talked with may all be saying the same exact thing but I swear I am hearing three different sounds.  It literally means griller, manger in French which means “Grill, Eat” in … Continue reading

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Our book launch at U.S. Embassy on

Thanks to all the friends and supporters who came out, and thanks to the Embassy for hosting. Les conclusions du livre ont été partagées par l’assistance. Le Dr Yves Dakuyo, enseignant à l’Université de Ouagadougou parle de son expérience : … Continue reading

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Je vais chosiner

My favorite word.  It seems to be taking Ouagadougou French by wildfire, I now hear it everywhere even amongst my academic colleagues.  They took the word “chose” which means “thing” and turned it into a verb, to mean “I’m going … Continue reading

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Sukie, how do you like Ouagadougou?

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A day off in Ouagadougou

Leslie arrived last night.  Donkoui, Sukie and I waited at the airport.  Finally the new terminal seems to be complete… five years? more?  it is pretty nice, except they didn’t have the air conditioning on, so cooler to stand outside … Continue reading

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